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CCG Boss Flies Overseas To Meet International Investors

When you run an international mortgage management group that finances big projects, you need to follow the money, wherever it might take you.

Peter Benson, director of the Gold Coast-based company Credit Connect Group, is now back in Australia after several fruitful weeks in Hong Kong, New York and San Francisco.

CCG is a mortgage manager whereby they have large clients that invest from $5 - $100 million into loans that CCG manage on their behalf. Developers that want to build profitable projects that have not been able to raise finds via traditional sources. Contact CCG for development loans.

Mr Benson held a series of meetings with interested overseas investors, including family offices, fund managers, hedge funds, high-net-worth individuals and Chinese SOE's.

“We discussed a range of deals we’re putting together, such as a $20 million loan in the Gold Coast suburb of Broadbeach for 37 units and a $40 million loan in the Melbourne suburb of Hawthorn for 72 units,” he said.

“CCG has previously raised funds from Hong Kong and United States clients and has a good story to tell: since launching in 2006, we’ve written nearly $400 million in loans and delivered an average annual return of 11.2% for our clients.”


A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity

While he was in America, Mr Benson, who is a member of the Lakelands Golf Club on the Gold Coast on a handicap of 3, attended the US Open at Pebble Beach, California.

Even better, Mr Benson was lucky enough to be invited to play the legendary Pebble Beach course the day after the tournament ended.

"To play Pebble Beach is a major achievement in itself, but to play in the third group after the US Open with the course still set up under major conditions was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity I won't forget. I now understand why they call the tournament a ‘major’, as the conditions were very difficult."CEO Peter Benson US Open at Pebble Beach

                                                                                                 CEO Peter Benson US Open at Pebble Beach | CCG

Experience delivers results

Golf and finance, it turns out, have a lot in common.

Whether you want to win the US Open, like Gary Woodland did earlier this month, or run a successful mortgage management business, as CCG has done over the past 13 years, you need to be experienced, disciplined and methodical.

CCG’s leadership team has decades of experience in property and finance, which has allowed them to build a model that works well for investors and borrowers.

“It sounds counter-intuitive, but we’ve learned that if you want to deliver great results for investors, you first need to deliver great results for borrowers,” Mr Benson said.

“The reason borrowers and finance brokers love working with CCG is because we use flexible lending criteria and provide quick assessments, as we arent bound by set lending criteria.

“That allows us not only to attract a lot of borrowers, but also the right type of borrowers – we insist on first mortgage security and vet all applicants.”

That, in turn, is good news for investors, according to Mr Benson.

“If you’re an investor, you have a range of quality deals to choose from,” he said.

“Even better, investors retain full control over the process. CCG provides them with information about the borrower and the property in question, so investors can do their due diligence.

“If they decide to invest, CCG then does the grunt work of managing the loan, so all investors have to do is collect their monthly interest payment.”

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